Mateusz Pniewski

CEO @ TransactionLink

TransactionLink enters the Vibrant French Fintech Market

TransactionLink enters French market, aiming to revolutionise onboarding with cutting-edge solutions, emphasising efficiency, compliance, and collaboration.

Exciting news! We, at TransactionLink, are thrilled to announce our entry into the dynamic French market. France, a fintech powerhouse, presents a thriving ecosystem for innovation and growth. As pioneers in onboarding automation, we're eager to collaborate with French fintechs and financial institutions to elevate their operational efficiency.

Our expertise aligns seamlessly with the needs of the French financial landscape. TransactionLink's cutting-edge solutions aim to revolutionize onboarding processes, providing a comprehensive approach to KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) compliance.

In a country renowned for its robust financial infrastructure, we are particularly excited about the opportunity to integrate with French business registries, leveraging real-time data to expedite onboarding. Our commitment to automating business onboarding aligns perfectly with the industry's demand for efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

As we embark on this journey in the heart of fintech innovation, TransactionLink is ready to contribute to the evolution of onboarding practices in France. Stay tuned for collaborative ventures that will redefine the landscape of onboarding, KYC, and KYB in the French fintech space. We can't wait to shape the future of financial services in France!

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