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Mateusz Pniewski

Mateusz graduated with a MEng degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University.

He started his career at Berlin's Rocket Internet to then move to Germany's largest neobank - N26. After that, he spent 2 years at Visa as a project manager. Riding the emerging PSD2 wave across Europe, he then decided to try his luck with a startup in the FinTech space and the rest is history.

Kamil Skłodowski

Kamil holds a degree in physics from Warsaw University of Technology. His thesis was on applications of optoelectronics but he soon realised that software development was something right up his alley.

He started his career at a leading bank - ING, as a software developer. Having started while still at uni, Kamil emerged as one of top performers very quickly. He then started looking for a bigger challenge in the FinTech space and now is the bedrock of TransactionLink's technology.


Who we are

TransactionLink started as an open banking provider but it soon became clear to us that connectivity to banks was only a small part of a much bigger opportunity - client onboarding.

Onboarding is still a process that remains incredibly manual, especially in the B2B world. We realised that by combining an intuitive business logic builder, with powerful back office and an UI editor, we can provide a holistic onboarding product. Today we work with payment providers, fintechs and digital platforms to automate their processes, save them time and put them on a trajectory of rapid growth.

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