How leading brands use TransactionLink

Streamline onboarding of e-commerce shops or physical stores and speed up activation.

Offer a unified onboarding experience in your dashboard and let your team review cases in seconds.

Automate requests for more information and develop custom scenarios for larger customers.


Powerful automation at your fingertips

Automate edge-cases

Write complex rules, even for the rarest edge-cases. Automate non-exact matches, double-hits, incomplete data and more.

Monitor existing customers for changes

Check for changes in registries, sanctions, PEP lists and credit bureaus according to assigned risk levels. Set custom triggers and periodic checks to run in the background.

With Transactionlink I don’t have to

send emails requesting more information


Onboarding Operations Manager
Compliance Officer
Product Manager
Fintech Founder
product features

yet hyper-custom

No-code workflow builder

Connect steps of your onboarding journey. Easily input complex if-this-then-that logic and computations. Add providers and automate edge-cases around them with clicks.

Integrated customisable forms

Send out customisable form or host onboarding on your site. Leverage a white-label interface, editable with no-code.

Case management

Review, comment, escalate cases to other teams, create custom workflows. Give a smooth experience to your customers and your team.

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