Mateusz Pniewski

CEO @ TransactionLink

Announcing our partnership with Qard

Qard and TransactionLink collaborate, offering real-time access to French business registries, enhancing onboarding automation with unique features for efficiency and innovation.

Qard: Empowering Real-Time Access to French Business Registries

At the core of our collaboration is Qard, the provider of the most potent API to French business registries. With a mission to empower businesses, Qard's API delivers real-time access to critical information, facilitating a swift and efficient onboarding process. As part of our partnership, we integrate this powerful tool to bring users instant access to essential data during onboarding.

TransactionLink: Elevating Onboarding Automation

Building on Qard's capabilities, TransactionLink specializes in onboarding automation. Our platform is meticulously designed to simplify and expedite the onboarding process, minimizing the need for manual intervention. Together with Qard, we introduce unique features that reshape the onboarding journey for businesses in France.

Key Features of the Qard and TransactionLink Partnership:

  • Real-Time Data Display: A standout feature is our ability to display and fetch data from French business registries in real time. As users progress through the onboarding journey, they can access and verify crucial information on the spot, reducing activation times to mere minutes.
  • Document Retrieval in Real Time: Another distinctive aspect is our capability to fetch company documents directly from registries and display them to users during the onboarding process. This not only enhances transparency but also ensures immediate access to relevant documents, further expediting the onboarding journey.

A Comprehensive Solution for Onboarding in France

Together, Qard and TransactionLink offer a comprehensive product that goes beyond traditional onboarding solutions. Our partnership's unique features provide businesses in France with a significant advantage, allowing them to automate company checks seamlessly.

For businesses seeking cutting-edge KYC and onboarding solutions in France, our collaboration with Qard sets a new standard. The ability to fetch real-time data from French business registries and display documents during onboarding positions this partnership as a game-changer. Stay tuned as we continue to redefine onboarding excellence in France, delivering efficiency and innovation at every step.

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