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AML News: 10 Resources to Keep you on top of AML Compliance in 2023

Anti-money laundering is an ever-changing topic. These resources talk about compliance in many different ways, and help you stay on top of AML issues

Anti-money laundering is an ever-changing topic. If you work for a multinational, on top of knowing your local regulations, you likely have to keep on top of global AML compliance. Finding the best resources can be overwhelming! With that in mind, we’ve analysed the web to bring you the top 10 resources for AML and compliance officers. These comprehensive resources are jam-packed with the latest industry news, best practices, regulations, and more. 

These blogs, podcasts, and newsletters talk about AML and compliance in many different ways, but they’ll help you stay on top of trending issues in anti-money laundering.

Commercial AML Newsletters

Compliance Week Logo
  1. Compliance Week tops our list of AML newsletters. They post regularly about anti-corruption and anti-bribery, data privacy, regulatory policy and enforcement, as well as AML and compliance.

European Banking Authority Logo
  1. The European Banking Authority has a great newsletter that comes out every 6 months. They also share a wealth of knowledge on their website under headings like ‘Risk analysis and data’ and ‘News and press’.

AML Podcasts

AML Rightsource Logo
  1. If you prefer to listen to your news, you can catch up on AML updates with the ‘This Week in AML’ podcast by AML Right Source. Hosted by Elliot Berman and John Byrne, the show delves into mostly American but also global compliance and AML news. One of the most insightful episodes so far for us was ‘AML Compliance for Start-Ups’.

AML Talk Show Logo
  1. KYC360 is a great resource. They do great round-ups on their blog (AML Talk Show) but their podcast is a great listen. Hosts Martin Woods and Stephen Platt interview professionals working in financial crime prevention and money laundering to understand the different crimes that exist and why these professionals are needed. 

AML News All-Rounders

Euronews Logo
  1. If you’re interested in general European and Global AML news, check out Euronews. Their articles are short and concise for the most part, but there’s a lot of noise if you’re an AML officer looking for only commercial AML updates.

Money Laundering Bulletin Logo
  1. AML and compliance changes a lot but learning which businesses are currently in trouble is one of the best ways to keep up-to-date. Money Laundering Bulletin is a great blog that digs into why companies are being fined. They spend time looking at businesses around the world which gives readers a great understanding of global AML and compliance issues.

Money Laundering Watch Logo
  1. Another good all-rounder of AML news is Money Laundering Watch by Ballard Spahr. They have a great 2022 Year in Review on BSA/AML compliance that you should not miss. What’s more, the whole team writes for the blog so you benefit from  many points of view.

Paywalled AML Blogs and Newsletters

  1. is a great resource for general and company compliance news. One downside is that they have a paywall so you’re limited to what you can read daily. One must-read article is on Coinbase’s recent AML penalty.

AML Intelligence Logo
  1. AML Intelligence is a thought leading blog on everything from compliance to anti-financial crimes. They also have a great section called ‘Analysis’, where they go into depth on compliance and AML topics. Although it’s behind a paywall, this AML blog is a great resource to have in your toolkit.

Lexology Logo
  1. Lexology’s Analysis Hub for Anti-Money Laundering is updated regularly with new information and they tag their information by country so you know the information that relates to your business or industry. As far as AML news goes, this is top-notch information.

There you have it! 10 resources to help you stay on top of AML compliance in 2023. Whether you enjoy high-level or in-depth content, text or audio, newsletters or essays, you’re sure to find something that interests you and helps you keep on top of AML compliance.

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