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Top 13 Age Verification APIs in 2023

Age verification APIs are a vital tool for companies operating in age-restricted industries. With that in mind, we’ve researched and identified the best age verification solution providers.

Age verification APIs are a vital tool for companies operating in age-restricted industries like gambling. Simple, honour-based checkboxes confirming that your customer is of the legal purchasing age are no longer sufficient and may not comply with local or international laws and regulations. Selecting the best age verification API for your business is crucial to ensure compliance. 

The laws surrounding minimum age requirements are complex and vary between territories. The age verification industry is set to double in size and by 2026, is predicted to be worth in the region $17.6 billion.  With that in mind, we’ve researched and identified the best age verification solution providers based on ease of use, scalability, global reach, and customer reviews to help your organisation decide which solution is the best fit for you.  

13 Best Age Verification APIs

1. Onfido

Onfido works with companies to build a bespoke, automated age and identity verification platform and produces a powerful end-to-end verification solution.  Over 900 businesses trust Onfido and their real identity platform to smoothly onboard customers at scale following Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and regulatory requirements while preventing fraud.

With their age verification API, you can accurately and reliably verify a customer’s legal age and restrict access for minors to comply with regulations and maintain brand integrity. Their fully-customisable, AI-powered solution delivers speedy and accurate results to build customer trust.  

2. Trulioo


Trulioo specialises in real-time age verification. As a global company with 5 billion users and 330 million business customers across 80 countries, their API-integrated solution is unrivalled in the industry. They boast that no other age verification provider has access to such a large global marketplace of data sources in all established and emerging markets including 10 of the most populous countries. 

Minors are automatically denied access to gaming, alcohol, or other age-restricted sites, without delaying verified users. Large or small organisations trust Trulioo to help them meet their business and compliance needs, and to automate their customer’s age verification solutions.    

3. Ondato

Ondato uses their API technology to make age verification easy and offers fast onboarding for your customers. Their solution provides KYC compliance, coupled with efficient AI recognition tools. The Ondato Automated Identity Verification solution is as simple as taking a photo for the user and prevents fraud efficiently. The photo is checked against more than ten thousand different types of IDs available worldwide and is also, simultaneously, checked against numerous ID registries to verify that it’s not a fraudulent application. 

Underage users are denied access to age-restricted businesses such as online gambling or alcohol sites. Checks can also include biometric age evaluation. Ondato age verification API is a speedy platform, taking just under 60 seconds in total for client onboarding.

4. HyperVerge

Providing AI-based age verification and KYC solutions to many industries, HyperVerge’s age verification solution includes fraud checking, facial authentication, ID document and age verification, eKYC, and other services. It’s one of only three global companies to hold the iBeta Certified for ISO 30107 for passive single image liveness. HyperVerge have onboarded over 700 million users thanks to their powerful AI solution that’s trained on facial variations and ID formats. 

HyperVerge‘s AI is designed to work in real-time on mobile devices, even in a low bandwidth environment with low-spec devices. Their solution has been extensively trained on diverse facial features, leading to accurate results regardless of age, race or gender. Their complete solution toolkit includes ID and age verification, KYC, and AML, to minimise fraud.

5. Jumio

Jumio’s age verification API uses the latest technology in biometric facial recognition and AI that ensures a frictionless way for users to prove their age. Proofing works by validating a user’s ID and verifying that ID with a selfie.  Advanced liveness technology is used to make sure the user is actually present. 

Jumio’s identity suite is designed for age-restricted products and services, with fraud-proof online identity verification and authentication tools to create age gates ensuring only age-verified users are allowed. Their solutions are customisable to fit your business needs and to comply with the latest regulations surrounding age-restricted products. 

6. Veriff

Veriff is a world leader and innovator in age verification and KYC automation. It’s a global platform with a reach of over 10,000 identity documents, in over 190 countries and 45 languages. Veriff’s age verification API adheres to global compliance regulations while operating at speed – they can verify 95% of users on the first attempt, with a 6-second average speed.

Goingbeyond document checks, they utilise device and behavioural analytics to stop fraudulent access attempts, so you can build trust and protect your customers in a global marketplace.

Veriff can help your business improve user satisfaction, cart abandonment, and retention rates by creating a positive onboarding experience. This is done partly by identifying returning customers with their biometric, multi-vector authentication. 

7. Token of Trust

Token of Trust products help retailers and service providers with age verification through their KYC and AML products. They use traditional eyeball verification of government-issued IDs alongside biometric screening. By adding liveness through selfies, their platform adds a new level of age validation. 

Adding a photo during the onboarding process helps reduce fraud and increase the predictability of a verified age. Results are in real-time and returning users are recognised instantly.   

8. AgeChecked


AgeChecked is a single solution age verification tool, ideal for sites that sell age-restricted products or services. Offering a vast array of options, they’re extremely competitive in the marketplace. With a range of scalable solutions for SMEs and corporates, AgeChecked are able to verify against a number of data sources to deliver a high level of assurance that the customer is who they say they are and that they are over the required legal age for age-restricted goods or services.

9. instantly verifies and validates a user's age and captures their information to create a record in your database. Their API is flexible and used across many industries to provide a seamless integration into POS and CRM systems. They offer offline/online ID scanning across devices. Their age verification API uses ID authentication that checks for more than 100 fraudulent ID tells coupled with third party checks on various databases and facial matching.’s age verification software can spot underage users and ensure your company follows legal compliance due diligence. 

10. VerifyMyAge

VerifyMyAge is an age verification solution that offers frictionless age estimation for online products or services, permitting you to check your customer's age seamlessly and quickly.  VerifyMyAge works with many technology partners on a wide range of platforms and integrates with a large number of platforms through their agnostic API, resulting in an age assurance ecosystem of data, deep tech and artificial intelligence partners. This extensive and effective age verification solution provides a quick and reliable customer age verification solution that’s perfect for businesses selling age-restricted products like alcohol or online gaming.

11. Konfirmi

Konfirmi's age verification API can be integrated with your ecommerce checkout and registration forms, etc, and offers an easy and affordable way to automatically verify your customer's age.  You can ensure that you keep your business up-to-date with GDPR and the latest compliance laws that are essential when selling age-restricted products, especially in European markets.

Konfirmi's age verification solution takes less than five minutes to set up, making it a quick and efficient platform to use.  Age verification is confirmed by KBA checks across several large databases, with biometric authentication, video and selfie ID to further strengthen customer age verification.

12. Passbase

Passbase offers an age verification API that helps industries meet their KYC needs in a user-friendly and privacy-compliant way.  Their age verification software offers a flexible and customisable solution that allows your company to set up a fast onboarding experience. Passbase technology allows for real-time data extraction from over 6,000 documents in 190 countries. Customers can choose to verify their identity on Android or IOS devices, or the web.

Passbase uses liveness detection and 3D face matching to detect age, and their authentication is checked against a photo of the user's chosen government ID. Additional document checks can be added as required. The process to verify your user’s age is complete in seconds.  

13. Bluecheck


BlueCheck is a leading expert in customer age verification solutions. With a customer base of hundreds of businesses, including multiple e-commerce providers, it's easy to see why they are the leading providers for age-gated, ecommerce and point of sale businesses. BlueCheck's age verification API verifies 98% of its users without requesting any extra data as they have access to 10 billion plus records instantly with worldwide coverage. Their technology will try to verify age without stopping a user’s onboarding flow. Since 2014, BlueCheck has verified over 16 terabytes of identity data for hundreds of clients representing over 100 million data points.

What is an Age Verification API?

An age verification API allows businesses to plug their onboarding flow into an age verification software solution to verify their user’s age. Age verification works by requiring customers to prove their age before giving them access to products or services that are age-restricted in any region. Online age verification solutions may require customers to submit digital copies of a government ID and take a selfie and/or selfie video to prove that the ID is theirs in order to gain access to sites.

What Companies Should Use an Age Verification API?

Companies which should use an age verification API include:

  • online casinos
  • betting sites
  • online gaming
  • e-commerce sites selling alcohol
  • banks
  • tobacco companies
  • weapons companies
  • dating sites

Organisations providing age-restricted goods or services have a duty to keep underage users from accessing their products. This is to ensure the safety of underage users and to adhere to compliance with regard to different age limits.

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