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Public Aid Register (SUDOP)
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About this integration

The System for Disclosure of Data on Public Aid (abbrev. to SUDOP) contains complete data on public aid received by polish companies.
  • This integration provides the name of the aid provider as well as the value of the aid and its form
  • The database is refreshed up to 7 days after the entity receives public assistance, or after the correction of this information is applied
  • The database does not contain information on aid granted prior to 2016

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What is System for Disclosure of Data on Public Aid (SUDOP)?

SUDOP (polish abbrev. from System for Disclosure of Data on Public Aid) database contains information on aid measures implemented in Poland, aid granted under these measures, and all forms of public aid and de minimis aid granted to a person or entity.

Who maintains the SUDOP database?

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland (abbreviated to UOKiK in Poland) maintains the SUDOP registry, which contains information on public aid that has been provided to various entities. This information is derived from reports prepared by the receiving entities through the SHRIMP application (in accordance with Article 32 of the Law on Proceedings in Public Aid Cases of April 30, 2004). Responsibility for the completeness and correctness of the data in the register rests with the granting entities, therefore, UOKiK is not liable for any damages resulting from the erroneous preparation of such information. Granting entities are obliged to submit information on the aid granted in the SHRIMP application within 7 days after it is granted, and 7 days to update any information if any changes are introduced.

What type of data can you find in SUDOP?

  • Legal basis on which the aid was granted
  • Name of the granting entity
  • Tax identification number (NIP) of the granting entity
  • Value of aid (net, gross, PLN and EUR)
  • Form of aid
  • Purpose of aid