Behavioural Profiling

Data Ninja Profiling
IntegrateBehavioural ProfilingbyData Ninja Profilingwith your FinTech in minutes.
How it works

Behavioural Profiling by Data Ninja

This app uses categorisation system from DataNina to let you build comprehensive customer profiles based on transaction, subscription or even geolocation data. Trained on over 60M transactions, the system will help you assess the risk, identify loyal customers or even provide you with information about purchases at your competition.

Key features
Income identification (i.e avg. sum of income in last 30, 60 or 90 days)
Last 12 months SLA level - 99 %
Build-in customer profiles (i.e. ’Saver’, ‘Parent’, ‘Gambler’)
Loans identification (mortgage, bank and non-bank loans)
Subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon)
Average time of AIS/PSD2 data analysis - 1240 ms
Number of queries handled: 1M+
Bank account transactions analysed: 60M