Databases & Registries
BIG InfoMonitor

Our app grants faster and simplified integration with BIG InfoMonitor databases. It allows access to information from basic and extended consumer and corporate reports and retrieves scoring data from the latest and dominant scoring model from BIK - BIKSco CreditRisk 3. This app is your source of liability information about your buyers - both individual and corporate.

Open Banking

Your user is asked to log into their bank account via our widget. They log in exactly how they would on their banks' websites, along with SCA in line with PSD2 regulations. TL AIS then connects with a bank of their choice. Within seconds all the necessary data is available to you. It consists of your user's name, address, PESEL, their bank account number, balance, overdraft limit, currency and opening date and amounts, titles and dates of all their transactions from the last 3 months. This raw data is a great starting point for all your KYC needs. It can be used as a stand-alone measure but also works really well as a fuel for countless Apps from FinTech Appstore.

Credit Scoring
Data Ninja Scoring

Data Ninja Scoring App uses machine-learning based models to analyse transactions and bank account data and to calculate your users' credit score. The app uses a scoring module capable of indicating the likelihood of the customer purchasing your services or their ability to repay the loan.

Video Verification

Integrate our app and get access to one of the most reliable KYC tool available. Veriff’s intelligent decision engine can analyse thousands of biometrical, technological and behavioural variables within seconds, matching selfies with ID photos and checks the document for authenticity. It covers over 9,500 government-issued IDs from over 190 countries.